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Pattaya nights are so varied that it is impossible to provide a comprehensive directory.
Here are a few tracks, not exhaustive, on shows, restaurants, discos, bars, etc ...
In terms of performances, three at least deserve your attention.
ALANGKARN is a multi-dimensional show with Thai culture. This exceptional modern theater, with its large carrying capacity (2,000 seats), innovative designs (length 70m), giant screens (11x15m) and artistic performances synchronized with latest electronic techniques: multicolored lasers and pyrotechnics, you seduce ....

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. Alangkarn
Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. Alcazar ALCAZAR first cabaret in Asia, equivalent to class or to LIDO MOULIN ROUGE. These 400 artists are stunning and remarkable interpretation is highlighted by games of modern lights. His music and dancing, will inspire you. Evening surprising and unique magazine with a capacity of 1000 seats ...

More info : alcazar pattaya
TIFFANY'S, in a beautiful setting, a drag show. Somewhat similar to the ALCAZAR. Which of the two shows is the best. Sometimes it is one sometimes it is the other.
For both shows, it's three (four in high season) shows approximately 1 hour 15 minutes in the evening, and the room is available for the 1000 Tiffany's like the Alcazar ....

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. Tiffany's
You also have restaurants that have dinner shows in different parts of the city.
For discos on Walking Street, you will find Tony's, the Marine Disco, Lucifer, out of the Walking Street, Pattaya Tai, the Bamboo bar with less disco music.
The third road there is the zxite.
And on the second road in Pattaya Nua, you and the Hollywood Paladium.
Warning discos are banned at least 20 years (control ID cards)
there is also the Walking Street bars and elsewhere who orchestras, sometimes very good, discover your walks.
The charrette street gourmet restaurant there in Pattaya a multitude of restaurants of all backgrounds: Japanese, Laotian, Vietnamese, American, English, Irish, Arabic, Spanish, Swiss, Indian, German, Chinese, Austrian, Mexican, Russian and of course Thai, and often a very good value for money. Not to mention the multinational fast food, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, and of course do not forget the restaurant Victoria, etc...
Bars and go go
And of course, there are a multitude of bars, and many Go Go bars, there is not much to say about that, except maybe the physical performance of girls in the Go Go performances are sometimes impressive.