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Pattaya is internationally known resort, located in the province of Chonburi, on the coast of the Gulf of Siam 147 km southeast of the capital Bangkok.
Victoria Hotel, overlooking Pattaya Bay Victoria Hotel, Pattaya Bay, an arc of 4 km. Victoria Hotel Pattaya. The beach road, walk between the road and the beach. Hotel Victoria, the beach road in the center of Pattaya


Pattaya is a small fishing village until the mid-1960s. It is the U.S. military stationed at the Air Base U-Tapao, some 70 km to the east, who know the pleasant bay provided an arcuate beach 4 km long. They are the first to motivate the construction of bungalows and small restaurants. The Vietnam War ended and military parties, burgeoning tourism grows, which in 1980 will experience rapid development.
Russian, Indian and Chinese tourists come overwhelmingly from the 2000s.

Hotel Victoria. View of Pattaya Bay.
The current tourism

Since the 1990s, municipal authorities seek to mitigate the bad reputation of the city and direct the activity to family tourism. The new bourgeoisie in Bangkok is particularly targeted because Pattaya is the closest resort to the capital.

Pattaya is now the first resort in Thailand by the number of tourists attending. Pattaya city is mainly composed of two parallel avenues (Beach Road and Second Road) interconnected by perpendicular streets (so called) to the frenetic activity. Those wishing more peace will head to Jomtien, south of Pattaya quieter neighborhood. The islands around Pattaya are also worth a visit including the Koh Larn Island famous for its reef and water activities.

Pattaya can also serve as a basis for already visit Thailand, there are direct bus services to Bangkok VIP course, but also on Chiang Mai, Nong Khai on the Laos border management Vientiane on Rachatani Ubon and Mukdahan (bridge over the opened in 2006 in the direction of Laos Mekong).

There are U-Tapao airport in 30 minutes (for aircraft Pukhet and Kho Samui) and the new airport in Bangkok to 90 minutes can radiate throughout Asia.
Do not forget that the temples of Angkor are only 450 km, but unfortunately the Cambodian side of the road is not a highway, it's the least that can be said, but there is air transport .

Districts to Savor

Beach Road can be compared to the Croisette in Cannes. Road dotted with shops, restaurants and shopping centers along the sea for more than 4 km, Beach Road stopped to give way to Walking Street (pedestrian street 19h at 3am).
Walking Street only comes only from dusk until late at night, Walking Street is the mecca for nightlife in Pattaya, including many nightclubs and discos (Lucifer, Tony's Disco Navy, etc.., for the most free entry), restaurants seafood and bars of all kinds (gogo bar, beer bar).

Hotel Victoria. The port of Pattaya, where SHIPS docked to the islands Victoria Hotel Pattaya, The Walkingstreet evening.