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Thais are great elephant trainers, crocodiles, tigers, snakes etc.. with professionalism and a sense of the extraordinary spectacle.
You will see decorated parks and exotic gardens with flowers of all beauties.

Just 15 minutes east of Pattaya, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is one of the main tourist attractions, known for its wide variety of orchids, garden with palm trees (over 1100 varieties)
His Thai cultural show, a show of elephants players or monkeys collecting coconuts are to see, and you can wander through the various gardens ...

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. nong nok tropical garden
Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. crocodile farm Crocodile farm is a park with an amazing collection of bonsai which dominates the millennia rocks, fossilized trees. A small zoo, a crocodile farm and a small lake with giant catfish complement the development. The show with the crocodiles is surprising. At the end of the show, you can get photographed with a crocodile, volunteers are not many ...

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In Asia, this aquarium is the largest and most modern. This is the exhibition of an ocean underwater world with iconic residents or specimens as the Shovelnose Ray (shark ray). Each basin is characteristic in total 2500 marine animals representing 200 species are presented to us, from the Gulf of Siam, but also around the world ...

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. under water word pattaya
Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. sriracha tiger zoo The largest zoo tigers in the world with various breeds "Smilodon" or animals in danger of extinction. Various activities await the family for a cultural and entertaining day. Extraordinary spectacle of tigers with games of agility and balance. The intelligence of animals through you discover ...

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Animal Park outdoor themes: desert, savannah .. Circuit on 2,000 acres to practice driving or cycling, day and night. Approach these 8,000 animals including 300 assorted species (monkeys, flamingos, camels, lions). A complex is dedicated to cats.
Open Zoo also has the largest butterfly garden Asia (Saithip Butterfly Garden)

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. khaokheow
Hôtel Victoria Pattaya Thaïlande. Mini siam

International exhibition of more than 100 models that illustrate the major monuments of antiquity to the present day. Presentation of archaeological and historical buildings of Thailand, but also international emblems like the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, or the Statue of Liberty and many others ....

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. mini siam

Located by the sea, unique work of twenty years ago started art. Many craftsmen wood carvers work scheduled for completion in ten years. Architecture must. This building is rich in detail and pays tribute to the seven creators Rights (heaven, earth, father, mother, moon, sun and stars). We find the precepts of Buddhism in ...

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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. Sanctuary of truth
Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. éléphant village At its inception in 1973, the village was a haven for elephants. Today, this place offers them a fitness for treating the stress of modern life. You are offered a variety of entertainment: in the morning, racing elephants and afternoon representation of the daily life of elephants and mahouts. Walk two hours to an elephant in the jungle ...

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This water theme park on the beach is located between South Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. His colorful water slides, whirlpools and shallow pools for children make this park a popular place for families. The park is dominated by the Pattaya Park Tower, 240 meters high, which houses a revolving restaurant. The tower offers a breathtaking view of ...
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Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. pattaya park
Hotel Victoria Pattaya Thailand. thai submarine Designed in 1946 by Auguste Piccard (Swiss physicist), this invention has developed underwater tourism. There are thirty countries equipped with underwater tourism including Egypt, the islands of Hawaii, and Spain. Small capacity, it embeds 45 passengers and carry on dive sites. Security is proven. Original walk ...

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Floating market is a reconstruction of a floating market, this set of shops on stilts is located on Sukhumvit Road towards Sattahip, about 1 km after the intersection of Chaiyaphruk road.
You will find a Thai handicrafts, you can eat there, take a boat ride, get a massage, spend a quiet moment away from the traffic.

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Victoria Hotel Pattaya Thailand. Floating market towards Sattahip
This list is not exhaustive, there are many other shows and attractions (snakes, monkeys, dolphins, ect ..). I have listed those that seemed the most.